STAP-Savage Tide Adventure Path

Adventuring in Golismorga

After investigating an apparently “living” building, the party gets their bearings by spotting the large purple pillars of light. It was believed that the ziggurat that Dingus spotted was “south” of their position so the party started off in that direction.

After weaving through a few houses, the party enters a small clearing. As they are about to walk through the clearing, the building to their left has its front doors fly open with a 20ft tongue unrolling across the clearing. The tongue makes a quick gesture, scoops up a small creature and then rolls back into the building.

In order to try and coax the thing out again, Ash picks up what he thinks is a rock and throws it towards the building. The “rock” hits the ground, bounces off at an odd angle where it comes to rest before popping up and running out the other side of the clearing!!

The party wisely decides to work their way back and around the strange clearing. Just when they think they are making progress, they encounter a massive purple worm that appears trapped under a fallen building. A closer look gives the impression that the building may have actually chomped down on the purple worm and now has it pinned under its large white steeples. Again, the party wisely decides to go around the back way…

Getting back on track, the party then comes to a covered clearing with two pools of water set in front a large tentacle statues. As Man Wau attempts to tumble by the pool, four large black tentacles spring forth from the water. One of the tentacles gets a hold and grapples Man Wau. Seconds later, a wall of ice appears, separating Man Wau from from the rest of the party.

On one side of the wall, Man Wau is pulled under as he was fighting for his life. On the other side, Nell tried to blast a hole in the wall of ice but requires two attempts to do so. Finally, Ash and the rest of the party are able to make it through the wall and attack the strange “liquid” creatures until they are finally vanquished.

As the party stops to search the statues and get their bearings, a voice comes from across the clearing and out from the shadows steps an odd looking creature with an exposed rib cage and what appears to be another creature in it’s midriff. The creature seems at first excited. He asks the party what they think of the wonders that the Elder Evils has blessed us with! He continues on to tell the party he has been watching them since they entered Golismorga. When asked by Man Wau “Where is Golismorga?” Rakis-ka looks obviously disappointed responding “You are already in Golismorga!” After this, the excitement starts to drop from his voice.


“Why are you here?” the party asks.

“To learn from the wonders that the Elder Evils have created for us! Where are you headed?”

The party mentioned that they are on their way to the ziggurat.

“Why would you go there? It is very well-guarded. Perhaps you should go destroy Tlaloc’s Tear. We know this will cause a large distraction which may give you an opportunity to get close to the ziggurat.”

After describing where the Tear is located, the party then asks about the giant “fish” creatures and if they were indeed aboleth’s. With that, Rakis-ka seemed to be disappointed with the party’s obvious lack of knowledge, shaking his head and turning to walk away.

As the party starts out again, they are walking down a narrow alley when a giant pillar of purple light blocks the end of the alley. As the party tries to decide what to do, Man Wau moves closer to the pillar just as it blinks out as quickly as it appeared. Man Wau’s eyes just refocus from the bright light and in the clearing beyond the alley, they spot 4 palenquins each carried by 2 troglodytes with a kopru within.

The party feels a tug at their minds, with Nell falling victim to some sort of mind control magics. Feeling compelled to attack nearby Dingus, the rest of the party springs to action…



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